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  • Marketing Specialist

    Marketing / Poland

    About Rezult:

    There are no rigid regulations in our company instead, there are goals and values that guide our daily life and work. Our mission is to make it easier for millions of people to achieve their health and figure goals we believe that prevention is easier than cure. The result is a warm, family atmosphere, but also hard work and a constant focus on the results. The vision of a better world and continuous development drives us daily in our activities.

    What we require:

    • Knowledge of the fitness industry
    • Excellent command of English (C1)
    • Respect for the company’s culture
    • Relentlessness in your duties
    • Knowledge of the main social networks 
    • Creativity

    What you’ll be doing:

    • Creating content marketing, working with a graphic designer
    • Copywriting
    • SEO
    • Ads – Facebook, Instagram, Google
    • Data analysis
    • Cooperation with brand ambassadors

    What we provide:

    • Steady, planned development
    • Exceptional relationship and enjoyable time spent
    • Benefits in the form of annual health surveys, analysis, and an improvement plan selected by a specialist
    • Bonuses for performance and taking care of your health
    • Attractive salary and appreciation


Company culture

7 things we're sure about

  • 1. Rezult's customer experience rocks!

    The relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us. What we pride ourselves on is our unique approach to each customer 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • 1. No complaining or blaming

    Instead, we solve problems even if they did not arise through our fault.

  • 1. Relentless

    We realize this is not just about talent or intelligence but the relentless pursuit of doing what it takes to get to the chosen peak and stay there.

  • 1. Intense work

    We know the immense power of focus, so we avoid distractions like a plague. While others are browsing social media, we cross more goals out of our list.

  • 1. Radical truthfulness and transparency

    We are honest and openly say what we want to say. We believe that honesty and openness in communication streamline processes, so we appreciate clear communication about our thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

  • 1. Results, not excuses!

    We set big goals and boldly reach for them. We are looking for people for whom work is something more, and the vision of creating something great makes them excited. We don't like lack of commitment and wasting time - if you don't like working, this is not the place for You.

  • 1. Work with us!

    We don't do brain surgery here - if we make a mistake, no one will die. Rezult is a cool place, and it's fun working here.

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