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Marta Wojtków

The best app, I have everything in one place, i.e. workout plan, nutrition plan, workout along with instructions to perform the exercise, my habits, supplementation, my reports, chat with the trainer and many other advantages! I sincerely recommend 🫶🏼

Krzysztof Kubaszewski

The application is very functional, both for the trainer and the mentee. Saves a lot of time, I recommend! 10/10, and they are developing all the time.

Justyna Gajewska

This is the first time I train with the app, and I have to say that it's a totally different dimension of cooperation with the trainer! Everything in one place, no need to notoriously rummage through emails. Great convenience and motivation as if greater, great job!

Marta Tymszan

The app makes it easy for me to work with my trainer. I have my nutrition and training plans, as well as reports and supplementation in one place, and it's very easy to use.


The best app I have ever seen. With each update comes new improvements. Fitness market in fear aaaaa ☺️ Everything in one place at hand!

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